Expert Check

Expert check for used cars. The Gebracuhtwagencheck with depth and a teifem view into the history of the vehicle. Check for used cars.

The deep look into the history of the vehicle

The expert check collects all available information from the history of the vehicle. You determine the amount of the number of sources.

A total of 38 queries in Expert Check

In addition to 25 queries from the Quick-Check, 13 more in-depth checks
  1. Advanced FIN validation
  2. Query up to three special databases*
  3. Accidental damage
  4. Services
  5. Mileage
  6. Callbacks
  7. Total Damage (Wrecks)
  8. Technical reviews
  9. Photos
  10. Admission abroad?
  11. Delivered abroad?
  12. Admission as a rental car
  13. Check for new issued vehicle documents**

*depending on the scope of the order

**Unique in Germany:

Request your expert check

In addition to the Quick Check, the team of car search experts checks special databases and sources and gives valuable tips. Log in to the customer menu and request the expert check.

Easy payment options

Your report with all available information will usually be ready the next business day or earlier after receipt of payment (PayPal/direct debit).

Unique in Germany

Check for new issued vehicle documents and their validity. This is only possible with Unique in Germany.

Determine the scope yourself

You yourself determine the scope and price of the report by selecting The Number of Sources. 1.2 or 3 queries on special databases are possible. Write how many sources you want to check when placing the order. Typically, querying from multiple sources provides an even more accurate overall picture.

The Minutes

All data on the vehicle and the search results are summarized in a clear log. Their added value.