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The car search used car check provides precise online data on vehicle history

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The Quick Check provides precise information about a vehicle. It's a gebracuhtwagencheck that is valuable for car dealers, buyers, sellers, leasing companies, car fans and every car buyer.
Precise information through car check from 7,99€
  • Valuable for car dealers, buyers, sellers, leasing companies, car fans and any car buyer.
  • Check from more than 26 sources worldwide
  • Car Check: Query on brand, model, interior and exterior equipment ex works, paint paint, upholstery paint, rough value assessment, pollutant class, year of construction, accident and damage, pollutant classification, insurance classification, theft and counterfeiting – in real time.
The expert check of autoresearch offers maximum information about the vehicle from 59€. The used car check is aimed at valuables for wholesalers, leasing companies, insurers, car enthusiasts, checkers.
Maximum vehicle history from 59€
  • Valuable for wholesalers, leasing companies, insurers, car enthusiasts, checkers.
  • All information from Quick-Check plus vehicle-specific sources
  • All information from the Quick-Check from extended vehicle check and vehicle history. In-depth research on registered mileage, speedometer manipulation, reconstructions from total damage, test reports and further information. Typically, the detailed log is ready the next business day or earlier.

All readable vehicle data from 29€
  • Valuable for dealers, wholesalers, unsafe buyers, sellers, insurers, leasing companies.
  • All readable information from the car to mileage, suspicion of tachometer manipulation. References to theft vehicles and repaired accidental damage.
  • Unsure of buying used cars? Be on the safe side! After the purchase: Go looking for traces.

Everything you need for the car check?

The FIN (chassis number).

Where is the FIN/VIN (vehicle identification number)?

Where is the FIN? Where is the VIN? FIN / VIN are identical. They are attached to the vehicle in several places and entered in the "E" box in the injunction certificate I and II. The FIN is also called chassis number. VIN stands for the abbreviation of Vehicle Identification Number.

3 good reasons to check used cars


Vehicles are stolen every year in Germany

Many vehicles are also re-entered the market from other European countries.


all vehicles are tampered with on the speedometer

Previous estimates even put the average for fake mileage at around 70%.


More counterfeits, doublets and reconstructions

Reconstructed wrecks enter road traffic at the expense of road safety.

Without a used car check, buying a car is a matter of luck.

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